UPDATE Oct 2017: Cyrus had a hearing in Division 4 of the Davidson County Criminal Court on October 23, 2017. The last eye witness recanted his trial testimony. There is no evidence at all left that Cyrus is guilty of this crime!!! NONE!!!! He should be granted a new trial and he should be home with his family!!!!!

UPDATE July 2017: We have submitted Cyrus's case to the Conviction Review Unit at the District Attorney's office. We have also filed a motion for a new trial.

Please continue to call Glenn Funk's office at 615-862-5500 and let them know Cyrus Wilson is innocent and demand a new trial!!! Tag Glenn Funk on social media. Use the hashtag #freeCyrusWilson

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Find out how Cyrus was convicted and the steps we have taken to prove his innocence.


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